Paint, paint, paint

Paint, paint, paint. 

Oh yes!  The exterior is sometimes overlooked when selling a home. 

This is one of the most important elements.

Like I mentioned with pressure washing, the dirt is unnoticeable

until you start to clean it up. 

Paint is the same way.  It fades and is less beautiful. 

Whites get dingy and blacks get sunbleached.

To get my home ready to sell,

I painted everything I could outside to give it a new, clean look.

The shutters.

Exerior Painting

The Railings and anything you see in white.

Here you see the work in progress.

Painting Exterior

The swing.

I like the vintage, worn look… but I don’t know if everyone else does.

Soooo… out with the old

Paint the exterior

and in with the new!

Painting Exterior

If you like these pillows, stop back, I am going to share with you how I made

them at a fraction of retail cost.


I even painted my blue front door

Fall Decorating


Painted Front Door

Who knows?

Maybe someone doesn’t prefer blue and now the door matches the shutters giving a unified look.

 Last but not least…

An item that tends to be overlooked is the mailbox.

Here is my mailbox before paint…

Mailbox Before Paint

(we painted it last year)…

and here it is after.

Mailbox Painting After

Painting white surfaces always gives a new and updated look.

Oh, and before I forget…

Hanging the American Flag always gives a visitor that “Welcome Home” feeling.

American Flag


If moving is in your near future,

or maybe not,

step outside and take a

peek at your home with fresh eyes. 

Are the lighter paint colors looking dingy and the

darker colors looking sunbleached or faded?

Best thing to do…

pick up that paint brush and see an instant transformation with the magic of paint.


Every. Single. Moment.


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