Painting and Staining Tips!

Painting is so much fun!
 I love it!
Creating… making something look beautiful again… it’s all great fun!
 What isn’t so fun… messy paint cans and sticky fingers.
 I thought I would try a couple of these ideas out…
they worked great for me and thought, hey, I should pass them along.
I found this idea on Pinterest, which is a Martha Stewart idea.
 Normally I forget all of these ideas,
but luckily I remembered this as I was setting up to paint.
 If you are anything like me, the lip of the can gets full of paint
as I drag my brush
to reduce drips and an overflow of paint on the brush.

 Then I go to close my can and either the paint is dried and crumbling
or paint goes flying across the room as I attempt to
secure the top on the paint can.
 Hopefully you haven’t experienced this, but I have.
(The above can is one of my paint cans… embarrassed to say).
 Well, here is the fix…  use a rubber band like this.
 Instead of dragging your brush on the can, you drag it on the rubber band.
 It really works great!
The next idea that worked for me was one I came up with as I was lying in bed
(you know, going through “the to do list”)
trying to make my painting techniques a little easier.
 I am working on a chest of drawers and I needed to stain 6 drawer pulls.
 That is when I thought of using an egg carton.
 It worked!

I put a screw through the bottom of the carton and
screwed the drawer pulls on top.
This way I was able to stain the whole pull, bottom, top and all!

 This would probably work great with regular, old styrofoam too.
If there is something that works for me, I like to share the love to you!
If you have any other great helpful hints, please send them our way…


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