The Perfect Find

This question has been asked of me several times…
Where do you find your pieces?
 It’s a tough question to answer, because I find items everywhere.
 I have always loved going through antique stores to find vintage pieces.
When I was a flight attendant, I always looked for flea markets or antique malls.
There is something special about finding a unique item
that no one can find in my immediate area.
Basically, I love to look for one of a kind pieces.
 I think they add personality to a space and knowing I have something unique makes me feel like I have a story or memory about it.
 Where I found it… how I found it… who I met… how much it was etc.
One of my favorite flea markets is the Oronoco Flea Market in Minnesota.
When I lived in Minnesota this was a definite treat!
You can find so many awesome finds there at reasonable prices too.
 I have several pieces from the Oronoco Flea Market that always remind me
of my adventures there.
There is always a find out there… it just has to be sought after.
 If I seek, I find.
 When I find… it’s an overwhelming adrenaline rush.
 Do you know what I am talking about?
My heart races and I get this giddy feeling inside.
 It’s such a joy to find a diamond in the rough.
 Just recently I found a beautiful mirror hidden in a pile of old frames.
 I purchased it and after about an hour,
Joe says, “I am really happy you purchased that mirror,
but do you think we could talk about something else now”?  Ha!
 It’s true, you definitely don’t want me in your car
when I have had coffee and found a gem.
 Look out!
Here is a recent find…

With this one, I jumped and said “how high” to get it!
It is a primitive cabinet finished in red and is an attention getter.  I like to think of the person that made this… was it a family that needed a special coat closet? A business?   A flower drying cabinet?
To think someone made this by hand is very impressive.

The dovetail joints…

the interior pegs…

the lock…

it is all very impressive.

I felt this piece told its own story and I chose not to touch it.
I didn’t want to change it one bit.
It has its own patina and it doesn’t need any “newness” added to it.
It is beautiful just the way it is.

This piece is currently in my space at The Boneyard On Raymond Hill.
I am excited for people to see it in person.

I found this piece purely on a whim.
I was on the hunt to find something special and I couldn’t pass it up.
So when I hear the question, where do you find your items?
I am always on the hunt… always looking.
Who knows where and when a gem will be found.


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  1. It’s a beautiful cabinet, Angie! I love the shape and the hardware on it. Every so often I find something that just makes my heart sing and sometimes it’s that something that is buried behind or under something else. Uncovering a real gem can be a great feeling.

  2. GREAT piece! I can see why you fell in love with it. You can tell that a real craftsman made it, can’t you? It always makes me wonder what hands touched the piece and what it meant to them to own it! xo Diana

    1. I know… I wish I knew the story. That is the best part when finding these pieces… trying to figure out the history. I bet the craftsman that made this didn’t know it would be considered such a beauty today.

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