Pool Color and Design Choices

***Pool Color and Design Choices***

Hello again!  This is going to be the last post of the Build Your Own Pool Series.  I am going to let you know other details about our backyard in the future, but the pool is almost finished and I have some pretty great things in the works  right now.  I am excited to share with you what is happening inside the house.

One of the biggest challenges I encountered was pool color.  As you know, I love anything French and when I heard of the color “French Grey”, I had to see it in pictures and in person.  I scoured the internet for pool colors and always came back to “French Grey”.  Ultimately, “French Grey” won the final prize. 

Pebble Sheen Color Slipcovered Grey

It is light grey in shallow water and a beautiful crisp blue in deeper water.  It’s soft and draws me in every time.  There is something about this color that is inviting.  This may sound a bit corny, but it’s true, it’s crystal clear and not too blue.  When jumping in it feels and looks clean.  No green, not too blue, not too dark, just perfect.  I had to see this color in person before actually diving into a decision.  Prado and Son’s (Love them) ,who did our Pebble Sheen, found a pool owner that has this color.  They went above and beyond by finding a “live” pool we could view.

Prado and Son’s also installed our interior tile.  A blue tile was picked to give a resort feel. 

Slipcovered Grey pool color

I visited hotels and looked at hotel/resort photos online.  I was drawn to the blue tile and wanted a solid color.  Finding solid pool tile is a challenge… who knew?  Once I set eyes on this tile, I knew this was the one.

Slipcovered Grey Pool Tile

A dark charcoal grey was applied for the grout lines to coordinate with the “French Grey” Pebble Sheen.

The coping is a 12×24 travertine in the lightest color I could get my hands on.  

Slipcovered Grey

Here you see it before it was installed.

Meeting up to the travertine is Tumbled – Territorial Blend, Phoenix Pavers in a K-Pattern. 

Slipcovered Grey

I wanted the pavers to look like they were old cobblestone sidewalks and streets in France.  We chose not to seal them to maintain the antique, light grey finish.  Do the pavers get hot?  Yes!  The travertine is much cooler on the feet, but we place our flip-flops close to the pool so we don’t step on the pavers in the baking Arizona sun.  Would I choose pavers again?  Yes, however, I may opt for a wider coping by using (2) 12×24 pieces of travertine.  This would change the look slightly, but give more room for bare feet.

After the final safety inspections, the Pebble Sheen (color) was applied.

Bring on the “French Grey”.

Slipcovered Grey

This was the neatest part.

It’s a crazy set up and quite a meticulous and important job. 

Slipcovered Grey

Check out the boots…

Slipcovered Grey

See the planter boxes/pergola in the background? 

The boxes were a DIY project. We were going to DIY the pergola, but because the beams were massive on the pergola, we hired it out. 

I will share this with you in a later post.

The pool was complete. 


We filled the pool with water and the rest is history.

Slipcovered Pool Interior Pool Selections

Would we build our own pool again?

Yes. Definitely.

I was able to do everything I wanted and saved in the process.

We love creating memories here.

Build Your Own Pool

I’m thinking Ally likes it a little too.

Slipcovered Grey

 If you have any questions about our experience, don’t hesitate

to ask.

I know it’s September, but hey, it’s still hot here…

so I hate to cut this short,


I’m going to jump in the pool.

Pool Color Slipcovered Grey


Every. Single. Moment.


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One Comment

  1. I love your simple but elegant design for your pool! Beautiful!
    For years I have had a simple design sketched that is similar but with large raised planters. We never built because the cost was so prohibitive and we chose to get our house paid off. But this is so great, a DIY pool! And I’m sure you saved a lot. Now that our home is paid off I would love to install a pool.
    I read through your blogs to see what your final cost was, maybe I overlooked it, but do you mind sharing what your DIY pool cost? I think I saw that your professional pool bids were @ $85,000+…sounds like my area in the CA Central Valley!
    Love your blog!
    Thank you for sharing.

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