Stockings and “Treasures Old and New”

Today was such a fun day!
I worked my first day at “Treasures Old and New”.
Honestly, how can it be work when you are having a ball doing it?
It was so nice to talk with all of the customers coming
through the store.
I met someone who wanted the perfect Christmas Stockings for her family.
She told me she really liked our stockings and thought they would be perfect.
She mentioned she would return with her girls to make sure they were able to
pick out their own.
Sure enough… about 30 minutes later come two adorable little girls
dressed in bright pink and blue tutus with matching stockings and shoes.
 They were precious!
While talking with her she mentioned dad and the family pet
already had stockings.
She wanted to make sure she and the two girls color coordinated
with the pet and dads.
I thought it “odd” that she wanted a total of 6 stockings…
(not 5… dad, pet, mom, 2 girls)
So of course, I inquired…
She pointed to her tummy and said,
“There is one more on the way”!
How sweet, right?
I am thrilled that this family is going to enjoy our Christmas Stockings!

 This one has a removable pin!
So cute on a jean jacket!

These stockings are all handmade.
Holly and I make sure they are unique and special.
I also was able to meet some other dealers in the store.
You will have to check out Betsy at Coastal Colors!
She has a beautiful booth and blog!
When you are visiting her blog, look at the pie safe.
I love this piece…
it just SOLD to a very “lucky” person!
We are blessed to be in “Treasures Old and New”!
It’s a place filled with really neat items,
but really neat people too!

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