Unforseen Damage to your home and how to prepare for it

Today there are many on the East Coast scrambling to pick up the pieces from the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Mother nature can change lives in an instant.  My prayers and thoughts go out to all of the victims impacted by this treacherous storm.  This morning I turned on the news to hear a man who lost his house and neighborhood to fires in Queens, New York.  It broke my heart.

What do you do when you have a fire or extreme damage to your home?  It made me think I am not prepared for anything to go wrong.  I guess I never think about it.  Today I opened my eyes and realized it was time to protect my home and valuables.  (At least what is valuable to my family).

Bloggers take a plethora of pictures. 

How to protect your home

Pictures of our homes, furniture, accessories, etc., etc.  We do it to share with you for our blogs, but it made me think, if I lost everything how could I prove what I have?  My computer would be gone with all of my pictures, I would have nothing to show but the clothes on my body, my bank account, and luckily for me… pictures from my blog.  (Which really doesn’t show everything I own).

I am by no means an expert, but I do feel this will help.

So… how should we prepare?

  • Take photos… of everything!
  • Upload them to an online photo storage site such as Snapfish or Flickr that is not attached to your personal computer.  You can access these from any computer anywhere if your computer is damaged.
  • Take video of the updates or improvements in your home.  Show moldings, trim, ceiling, and windows.  This is a live document dated that shows there is no damage to the foundation, windows, roof etc.  Make sure you upload a copy to a relative or sites like Vimeo.  (I always take detailed video before moving as well, to document how I am leaving my home for the new owners).  
  • Write a document consisting of a complete list of your belongings.  Document serial numbers, brand names, and copy receipts if possible.
  • Make a copy of your insurance policy and put in a safe deposit box, fireproof lock-box, or give copies to a relative.
  • Make copies of passports and important documents. Store them in a safe deposit box, fireproof lock-box, or give copies to a relative.

These are thoughts I had today.  I need to begin this process now.  I hope I never need it, but am sure it would give me a sense of calm knowing I had everything taken care of.

I am not an insurance agent, these are my thoughts on what may help.  It never hurts to contact an agent to make sure you have what you need.

Have you experienced a fire or damage to your home?  If so, what helped you?  Are you super organized with pictures and files of your home, and important documents? Or are you like me having an “ah ha” moment?

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