What would you do?

So, I was asking my husband where should I start? 

What should I post about? 

Past projects that helped us sell our home? 

Our new house? 


His response?

“Post about this house – how messy it is, and how much work we have to do!” 

I guess we both are feeling a little overwhelmed. 


I’m going to show you what we left behind in Georgia

and what we have now in Arizona.


ask your advice.

What would you do?

Let’s start with pictures so you can form an opinion.

The home

I adored in Georgia…

Exterior Home

The home we purchased in Arizona.

Arizona House

(Most of these pictures are from inspection day, how we saw the house when we made the decision to continue with the purchase of this home.  Some of the personal pictures etc. have been Photoshopped out).

Front Entry in GA,

Front Door Slipcovered Grey



Office Area in GA,

Home Office Slipcovered Grey


Front Office

Hallway to kitchen GA,

Hallway Slipcovered Grey


Front Hallway Arizona

Kitchen in GA,

Kitchen Slipcovered Grey

Kitchen Slipcovered Grey



Sun Room/Family Room GA,

Sunroom Slipcovered Grey


Family Room

Powder Room GA,

Powder Room Slipcovered Grey


Powder Room

Dining Room in GA,

Dining Room Slipcovered Grey


Dining Room

Living Room GA,

LIving Room Slipcovered Grey


Living Room

Master Bedroom GA,

Master Bedroom Slipcovered Grey


Master Bedroom

Master Bath GA,

Master Bath Slipcovered Grey

Master Bath Slipcovered Grey


Master Bathroom

Boy Bedroom GA,

Kid Bedroom Slipcovered Grey


Boy's Room

Boy’s Teen Bedroom GA,

Teen bedroom Slipcovered Grey


Boy's Bedroom Before

The room we called “The Lounge”,

The Lounge Slipcovered Grey

The Lounge Slipcovered Grey



Backyard, GA,

Garden Backyard



Have you seen enough?

Oh… I forgot this one…


These are the stairs that lead upstairs.


A picture says so much.


Here’s where I really need your help.

If it were you,

would you work on the interior first.

Replace flooring, update kitchen, etc., etc.,

or would you

build a pool and create a fabulous backyard oasis?

I’m really struggling with this decision.

Thanks in advance for help with this one.



Every. Single. Moment.


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  1. Hmmm. Seeing the homes side by side would give most homeowners a feeling of dispair. But, first things first–I hear the neighbors in your area are pretty friendly. So, my advice is to go to their house for dinner in the next couple of days and just relax. Then, decide what projects will bring your home to a place where you can enjoy the journey of transforming your new spaces into rooms you want to retreat to.

  2. Well having moved myself about a year ago I would say start with painting the interior. It’s summer in AZ and I imagine super hot, so spend that time indoors and build your pool / oasis area in the spring. You’ll feel more at home with your own colors on the walls I promise. Good luck I know how stressful moves are!

  3. I’m on the same page here. Been struggling with both sides: interiors or gardens!!! But I’ve come to the conclusion that, if I wanted the house to be functional ASAP, I’ll have to start with the interiors. This way everyone will be set and living comfortably. Patio can wait a bit (believe me, mine is an horror!!!!) but bathroom, paint, kitchen etc are a must. We are making our bathroom as I write this to you. Next is the kitchen. Though it seems like a never ending process, I know that at the end it’ll be a pleasure to be hanging inside my HOME! Hope this help!

  4. Well I wish I could come see it in person to give you my true opinion, but due to that tarantula photo you sent me I don’t foresee that happening. 😉 Haha. Tough decision though for sure! I think I’d get started on the inside and at least get it to a point where you are content, and then maybe focus on the pool?

  5. I would have to do the inside first, and hoping you are bringing all your gorgeous furniture from Ga. with you to Az. Good luck, and just remember, it will feel like home before you know it.

  6. Hmmm… well it’s nice all year round in AZ, so you can start your pool any time right? I say get out the paint and hit your walls and floors first.

  7. I would totally do the inside first. Especially the kitchen, the heart of the home where everyone seems to gather. I love the project you have! What an adventure!

  8. wow, Angie – love looking out those windows and seeing all the AZ landscapes. 🙂

    so… the house looks liveable except for the bathroom floor, the fireplace in the living room, and maybe the pink bedroom for your son 🙂 I am sure with all your things in place it will look and feel much more like home.

    I think you said you had neighbors that you boys could swim at for now… so I would just clean up the yard for now and then work inside. Paint everywhere would make a huge difference and would probably pretty much finish most of the bedrooms (except for floors), then pick a room or two to do major upgrades on or pick the flooring first. Never have done a major remodel like this (although I hope to in our next home!) But I am a list person so I would probably list everything out with 1k and up updates on one side and small updates (like paint, trim, etc) on the other side and list in order of importance and then get to work.

    BUT make it feel like home first – get your stuff in place so you can have a space/place where you can go away from the mess of construction happening in other places 🙂

    can’t wait to see all your projects as I dream of doing them too one day!

    and I want to see pictures of all your things in place 🙂

  9. I just found your blog thru A Frugal Homemaker – we are having the same trouble right now – leaving our lovely home of 18 years and moving to a smaller older home that needs a lot of work. The additional problem we have is that the new home we purchased from my husband’s sister and her husband…and they think that their home is beautiful – right now we are trying not to offend them by suggesting that this home needs a whole bunch of work. We don’t close on the house until the end of the month but they have graciously let us start on some of the outdoor projects. For me starting on the outside lets the world know that this is now our home…the inside we will work on this winter when the weather prevents us from being outside. I can’t wait to see where you start – I’m your newest follower and I’m looking forward to watching it unfold!

  10. I am so happy I found your blog. We moved from Dallas to the Phoenix area four years ago and I still cannot get with the home styles here. We live in a Shea built neighborhood and the way they build a home is so disappointing. Absolutely no insulation! Wouldn’t you think living in the desert that they would add insulation to the stucco? Or at least build with cinder block and then stucco it? (Sorry for the rant😜)

    I have started from the beginning of your journey ! Can’t wait to see all you’ve done.

    1. Oh Peggy, We are so glad you found us too! We understand you completely. Living in 3 different states we’ve realized every state builds homes differently. It definitely can be challenging, but also interesting to learn the reasons why builders do what they do.

      Be sure to let us know what you’ve done too. It’s fascinating to see how everyone views their space and puts their own twist on things. Thanks for saying hello and for being here.

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