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Have you noticed wooden bead garlands are showing up in interiors everywhere? Draping from a vase, sitting in bowls on a table, cascading down chandeliers, or adorning fireplace mantels. I believe they add a little texture and boho flair to a space. They can be natural or dyed to match any home decor.

Today I thought I would share with you a wooden bead garland I made for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I know Valentine’s Day is over, but my computer crashed and I didn’t want to miss sharing this simple project with you.

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Picking the perfect wooden bead

I found these beads that are perfect for creating a wooden bead garland for minimal cost of what you see in stores. I initially made the mistake of ordering the wrong size, but then ordered this bead and it was the perfect size.

Since the garland was made for Valentine’s Day I also ordered these hearts. I liked them because they were wood and had slightly burned edges. I also felt these hearts could be used for projects outside of Valentine’s Day. Imagine making a garland for a baby’s room or hanging it from a planted indoor pot that needs a little extra love. I guess the possibilities are endless. Like I said before, the topiary I created for Valentine’s Day can be used all year round. Love that!

Threading the Bead

In order to create a garland, a long string is needed. This jute was used and made it super easy to string through the beads. I literally took the end of the strand and wrapped a piece of tape around the end so the jute would be easy to thread through the beads. I didn’t measure my mantel or string, I could have if I wanted an exact length, but I wanted something organic and not too thought out. Imperfect seemed perfect to me. Using all of the beads in the package gave a nice length and after they were all on the jute, I knotted large knots on both sides so the beads wouldn’t fall off. Look at this picture, you can see how big the overall knot is.

There were approximately five knots on each end of the garland so it was thick enough.

Wooden Bead Garland Hanging on the Mantel

I am going to give you a sneak peek here of my fireplace. The remodel posts are still coming your way, but this is a little teaser for you.

If you want to see the fireplace before, you can see it here. A reclaimed beam is used for a mantel and nails are very easy to hammer in for garlands, stockings, or whatever decorating needs I desire.

Not only did I drape the bead garland, I added the wooden hearts to it. Aren’t they sweet? They were knotted with the jute and also hung by the nails under the wooden bead garland.

It’s All About Hearts and My Heart Sweater

Because I can’t get enough of hearts these days, I thought I would share with you my cute heart sweater

This one was super affordable and paired with some jeans makes the perfect outfit. Who says you have to wear your heart on your sleeve? Ha!

Why Not Treat Yourself

Oh, and if you enjoy treating yourself, you must check out Lisa Leonard Designs. I own several pieces of her jewelry and wear this heart necklace as an everyday piece.  

This isn’t sponsored, nor do I know her. I just love her story and her jewelry is beautiful and affordable. She’s always offering discounts, which is a bonus!

Who says hearts and love can only be used for Valentine’s Day? I say, wear your heart, display your hearts, and share your inner heart! After all… it’s what’s in the heart that matters. Don’t you think?

I hope you have a beautiful day, friends!


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